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Dental Sealants

We make patient education a top priority here at Smiles University, but even then, our little patients may struggle with keeping their teeth completely clean as they learn. Pits and grooves on the chewing surface of your back teeth can be especially difficult, considering how hard they are to reach and how easily they can trap bacteria. That’s why Dr. Danna, Dr. Abby, Dr. Adam, and the rest of our pediatric staff  here in Bastrop, TX typically recommend dental sealants as an important part of their regular preventive planning. With sealants and plenty of friendly instruction over the years on great oral hygiene, your child will be smiling brightly for years to come!

What are dental sealants?

Sealants are made of a tough, plastic material that is designed to directly and quickly bond with your child’s tooth enamel. The application is simple – we’ll simply paint it directly over your tooth’s chewing surface, allowing it to tightly seal the pits and grooves there and provide a valuable barrier against decay. Sealants can have different lifespans based on the habits of the individual. It is important to have them touched up during regular preventive visits. 

We recommend applying sealants to your child’s permanent back teeth when they emerge. Our goal is to prevents cavities instead of treating them later. It’s important to remember that sealants won’t prevent cavities that form between teeth, so scheduling your child for regular visits at Smiles U is still very important.