Tooth-Colored Fillings – Bastrop, TX

Seamless Dental Restorations for Beautiful Smiles

Our Smiles University Pediatric Dentistry team will do our best to help your family prevent dental decay with our skilled care and devotion to dental patient education, children may still experience cavities that require treatment. Made from high-quality composite resin, this restorative choice strengthens teeth and gives your loved one the bright, beautiful look they deserve! Contact us to learn more about tooth-colored fillings from our Bastrop, TX dentist.

Why Choose Smiles University Pediatric Dentistry for Tooth-Colored Fillings?

  • Digital X-rays for enhanced imaging
  • Skilled, board-certified pediatric dentists
  • Family friendly environment

How Do Tooth-Colored Fillings Work?

Closeup of child's smile after tooth colored fillings

The process is simple – once we’ve determined a filling is needed and removed the decayed tooth structure, one of our pediatric dentists will apply the resin material as a soft putty, precisely sculpting it so that it fits as perfectly as possible in your child’s tooth. Once it’s ideal, we’ll harden it in place with a special light. This dental restoration material is also shaded to match the natural color of your son or daughter’s smile, creating a beautiful result.